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Oct 2022
This is how it started,
Sitting in an ugly tree,
Eating ugly sandwiches
And they's as good as they could be
When suddenly,
There came a breeze,
And I was falling gracefully.
I hit my head on every branch...
Then the tree fell on me.

I shamefully admit I tried
Plastic surgery
But the doctors were dismayed to see
My ugliness increase.

I got a job, at the circus,
And the freaks were scared of me...
Left me locked up in a cage
To rot eternally.

But I broke free.
Through the bars I squeezed.
All of this before the manly age of thirteen,


Many years go by
With little hope for me.
This ugly man that you see
Won't ever be on TV.
So I scribble all my grief
Tearing holes in paper leaves,
And I admit it openly
There's no reprieve in my deluge.
I've gotta stay outta view,
Because the voodoo i brew
Will pull the pretty out of you,
And make you look ugly, too.

I'm an ugly *******
Ain't no need to hide the truth.
Everything about me's ugly
From my cap down to my shoes,


Watch just what you say,
Or ill get ugly with you.
'Cause ugly is as ugly does.
And ugly's what I do.
Written by
Bryan  35/M/KY
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