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Oct 2022
I walk through my day, mindlessly continuing my routine.
Day becomes night over and over; the months careen
down a spiral toward blackness that lies ugly and mean.
I converse and interact, yet my words and actions go unseen.
Many depend on me for plenty in their full existence
and they are never met with the least bit of resistance.
I work, I nurture, I provide, I worry, and I cry
without a single one of them asking me why.
They are mine and the responsibility I shoulder without question.
Yet, when it comes to me, I am treated with dismissal and rejection.
How can those I have devoted so much to be so uncaring and mean?
How, when my life revolves around them and theirs, do I remain unseen?
Leisa Battaglia
Written by
Leisa Battaglia  44/F/Louisiana
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