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Sep 2013
We symbolize the mind as an art of power
the art we include must mystify souls
when our lips transcend out of our passion
time seems harder to live without that fire
the emplacement of what we hold so dear to us
is it as everlasting as the source
or just as fleeting as the energy we are so quick to obtain
only to move mountains.
If one thing is true
it is that lightning will crack it's deadly whip
revealing what we truly have inside.

What we thought was peace becomes another piece of life's jigsaw
pulling out jenga blocks from our mouths.
Tranced in confusion, and desire
the most skillful of men will dedicate work
so much as to not drop a bead of sweat upon their tunic.

Mysteries and artifacts are our true treasure
when we full understand their meaning
does that message mean immortality among mortals
with the skills of a god.
Light beaming on our faces
soaking the sun's energy is bliss in it's purest form.
Destruction could not conquer
for even it's dread knows better
to ****** a paradox of the omniscient.

So we remain patient,
we court ourselves with divine art of tracing auras
back to our infinite soul glazing in eternity
admiring the flares when there is no danger.
forfeiting is no option
there is always plenty to fight for
but none to dance with
when the fresh rain sings songs of sweet
cherubic children flying to the melody
god has truly blessed them with.
Emanuel Wolfe
Written by
Emanuel Wolfe
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