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Emanuel Wolfe Oct 2013
why must i be so angry at you
your quiet heart sang to me
the sweet exotic flutes
humming through my eardrums
relieving me of a curse  that cannot be broken
you are never a page in my mind
conundrums collapse like a tower
sphinx's are black and gold
shape shifters fail to safe
everything is a disgrace
like puzzle pieces we fall in place
silver treasures
gold the most
plain and simple hurts so close
the hoax is coaxed in cellophane
truth is a pain
better symptoms for the name
blaming is the game
shakes in my brain
thorns in my side
may love go insane?
Emanuel Wolfe Sep 2013
I love when you fiend for me
I love when you hypnotize me
I love when I am your slave
I love when I have no control
I love when I am under your spell
I love when we fight in bed
I love when you lay on my chest
I love the hickies you leave on my neck
I love the way you make me sweat
I love the way you make me think you could be next
I love the way you intercept
I love the way you make a mess
I love you are there for me
I love the way you smell after a shower
I love the way you make me smile
I love the way you get mad and over me only
I love the you rest on my shoulder
I love the way I am your boulder
I love it when we cuddle
I love it when we snuggle
I love when we kiss under the rain
I love the way you give me pain
I love the way you drive me insane
I love you are never off my brain
I love the way you make me numb
I love the way we have fun
I love it when we hug
I love the way you make me feel
I love that you are my drug
I love that we can be one
I love that you are my moon and the sun
I love that you are the stars
I dislike that you are very far...
Emanuel Wolfe Sep 2013
when love is involved
no one ever dies
we are revealed our true selves
prayers will always shine
holding on to each others lives
happiness, joy, and pride
magic moments happen when we least expect
anxious ,nervous, she fills my desire
begging her to fuel my fire
every taste quenches my lips
every touch a firework spectacle
for the senses purples, greens, reds
flood the air.

a ritual for her body
our love is a prism unmatched
unconsiensus from our exessant kissing
moaning becomes heavier
my **** quivering, oozing
the whole world hears her glass slipper shatter
our minds tranced and doused in euphoria
plethora of emotions storm through
his stealthy fingers
rode down her neck to her toes
so sensitive her breast
their life was complete
there was no defeat
her love and his honor
were all that they need
galloping faster
her hair in the breeze.
Emanuel Wolfe Sep 2013
We symbolize the mind as an art of power
the art we include must mystify souls
when our lips transcend out of our passion
time seems harder to live without that fire
the emplacement of what we hold so dear to us
is it as everlasting as the source
or just as fleeting as the energy we are so quick to obtain
only to move mountains.
If one thing is true
it is that lightning will crack it's deadly whip
revealing what we truly have inside.

What we thought was peace becomes another piece of life's jigsaw
pulling out jenga blocks from our mouths.
Tranced in confusion, and desire
the most skillful of men will dedicate work
so much as to not drop a bead of sweat upon their tunic.

Mysteries and artifacts are our true treasure
when we full understand their meaning
does that message mean immortality among mortals
with the skills of a god.
Light beaming on our faces
soaking the sun's energy is bliss in it's purest form.
Destruction could not conquer
for even it's dread knows better
to ****** a paradox of the omniscient.

So we remain patient,
we court ourselves with divine art of tracing auras
back to our infinite soul glazing in eternity
admiring the flares when there is no danger.
forfeiting is no option
there is always plenty to fight for
but none to dance with
when the fresh rain sings songs of sweet
cherubic children flying to the melody
god has truly blessed them with.
Emanuel Wolfe Sep 2013
The pressure from reality, I have given it all up
the feeling of wondering where all my dreams will go
we will kiss in heaven.
Thoughts swirl in my head like fire
tempests are widespread
solitude and epoch sadly
become my only choice to escape this world.
Water from the sky and tranquility is what
i seek from your eyes
everything feels like a lie
the words dripping off his lips tantalized
my soul where I have lost feeling.

I am only left with tears
and the nostalgic embrace of his touch
why was his heart so cold to mine?
He honestly never loved me the way I could ever dream of
romance feels like seven knives put through my soul
never to realize that nothing was ever as real as it seems.
His tattoos hissed at me whenever I would compliment him on his smile
but how, he was so inviting he was so devious.

My tender heart may have not been the right combination
in touch with his fiery spirit, im pretty sure my heart would collapse
if I ever said another word to him.
He abused me and took every bit of love I had to offer
without so much as a thank you.

My time has been whittled away by the tiny fragments in everyday life
how do I get past these dark days?
Why must I be so lonely to the extent of pain
do I deserve anything, shambles
of the grind have led me to another place where I cannot escape.
My heart is heavy, my lung feel compressed
can you remove this poison from my veins?
Every thought of you has my mind warped
stringing me along your little games never picking me to be on your team.
So why am I so attached to you, you are so mean to me.
I couldn't come to gather my emotions before you would take your pitchfork
and swallow them whole.

How many times must I be broken before I can walk
my hands have turned to tiny weapons where I only hurt myself
every sting, the pinching of my heart you would
tease me to no end.
Emanuel Wolfe Sep 2013
Dreaming has never felt like such a horror.
I wake up in the morning,
kiss my lonely cigarette.
peach fuzz is desperation for such ripe fruit
it is only sin that will lead into temptation
holding back my grudges
puffing on the words that seem to escape
as though i cannot be free of a feeling
the tones, the strings
pitiful my voice
careless her actions
is there no thought to my grievances?
my well-being cursed, relinquished sanity
nothing feels real
as the breath of a soul.

— The End —