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Sep 2022
It started so small,
The slight gestures that made me question.
You seemed to be a so sweet,
uttering the sweet nothings that made my heart flutter without trying.
Even though you said they were insincere
I refused to believe it.
You uttered them in a way that didn’t feel like an act, not like how you said them to the others.
I try to keep my feelings at bay knowing this wouldn’t end well if I didn’t.
You wouldn’t allow that though, with your warm gaze and words of honey I didn’t stand a chance.
Alone you make it seem real
Then I feel like I’m not even seen
You never seem to be afraid of my embrace unless someone is there to witness it.
It’s ok, I understand.
You’re not ready to accept who you are…
Just know I accepted you from the start.
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