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Sep 2013
I sometimes feel like I

Have taken too big a slice of pie

Like I

Am too small to fulfill my obligations


Have bitten off much more than I can chew

I’ll say to you

It frightens me sometimes

In those times beyond the hour of sleep

I sleepless weep

And creep without the lights on

So as not to wake the neighbors

Or the cats in the backyard

Startled by the stirring

So early in the morning

So as not to really be morning

Yet mourning still

Too small to fulfill my obligations

My cobblers making boots to big for me to fill

I fear it still

And try not to think about things too much

At such a time as this

As peace shall surely escape me

How many lives will fit in one

How big a cast can a one man show perform as

Perhaps it was better to pick one thing and stick with it

One small thing

That just one man can do

Just the right size to fulfill his obligations

But the die is cast

The pie from crust is taken

And I’m left shaking at the magnitude

And scared they’ve got the wrong man for the job

It scares me

The fear stares at me and I stare back

Who has my back in this battle of wills

When he has all the ills of Hell

And self-deception

Delusions of Grandeur in the DSM

No no, it can’t be that

I can’t do that

Those boots are huge

And who am I

But a man, I cry

Too small to fulfill my obligations
Luka Love
Written by
Luka Love  New Zealand
(New Zealand)   
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