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Sep 2013
Im pondering and walking when its dark at night
You can see me in the shadows dippin dodging light
Its like I hit the booth and spew until I maul the mike
Its like I tell the truth and then you simply call it life
That’s right im bonefied
really here to expose em and since they know that im chosen
They stay provoking my motives but ima hold em high
Show em im focused on growing
Get these vultures off my back im just to strong to be folding
So I prepared for it gradually when the time came
Who’s the best my Name
Was the only one to rise like yall scared of the gravity to define change
Never watching the throne
If you wanted to be King you should be watching your own
If you wanted to be me well then that option is gone
you know I stand alone, forever now and then later
I left my mark upon this earth when I stepped out of the crater
Now my powers are greater used for devouring haters
And though I **** em in minutes I still take hours to savor
Every pound of the ****
If we going pound for pound by the end of the rounds I’ll use and ounce of my skill
And no its never luck
I struck a deal with the Devil so I could level the vessels
And then he sent me a message its time to settle up
Now its me and him, and neither one of us scared
Cuz on this path to destruction neither one of us cared
So everyday, it’s a battle inside
Just Forget the horse play and grab the saddle and ride
And every point I make is valid in the balled of mine
Im thinking now is the time
in the palace of my mind drinking a chalice of fire
It’s a slow burn
And yes im hot to death but there is no urn
Its from internal combustion
Causing a surge in my verses to let me ****** percussions
Never preferred to be frontin though now it seems it’s the norm
In a world of mass lies simply needing reform
Where everybody and they mama’s simply dreaming of ****
Everybody with a smartphone feels the need to record
Then they post it to the web cuz they seem to be bored
You need to realize
People use they persona just to conceal lies
So I step out on that limb second guessing again
This is far from the end so let the lesson begin
The first impression is in
lize kingston
Written by
lize kingston  johannesburg
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