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Jun 4
I remember seeing explosions of bright orange and fuchsia Bursting and rushing through my mind's eye.
I remember kissing your eyes, nose, cheeks, and trying twice to kiss your lips but shying away like what I was doing was wrong.
And then slowly, carefully, you kissed my eyes, nose, and cheeks.
I remember the feeling of no longer being able to hold back
as I lifted my hands to your face and kissed you.

I remember the rush.
I remember not wanting to be anywhere else but there in your bedroom.
I remember you waking up for work and getting ready as I laid comfortably in your bed.
I remember when it was time for you to catch your bus and you cradled the left side of my face as you told me, "You're remarkable." and I just smiled with my eyes closed and let it happen. I let every second of you happen and I wanted more. I waited for more.
How could I replace that? How do I even begin to forget?
It's been 7 years and I still remember your eyes.
In every setting, when they were filled with wonder, or even when you were bored.
I could never replicate what I felt with you, as one-sided as it was.
You possess a certain magic that I've never seen in any other being.
Both light and dark, you beam.
I could never forget you.
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