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Sep 2013
We are the change we are searching for. It's no surprise we're having a hard time finding it,
like a trick question the answer's inside.

Some, like me have high expectations we're trying to erase
because they limit the places our minds can go.

And we know it's not to race to conclusions or exclude any info but
like a kid on Christmas our impatience can sometimes take hold. But it's ok, we're humon.

We are youth in revolt of the old ways that are clearly keeping us chained
to the ground like slaves to didactic socio-political religious segregation.

And like me, sometimes we forget that change brings growing pains.
Do you know how much force it takes for a flower to sprout through pavement?

We are growing everyday, that's scary to some, leaving many parents to wonder
why their children aren't driving on the roads they paid to pave and ride on.

It's because WE have our heads higher, in the sky and beyond.
Roads are antiquated when you can fly--dropping the gas pump for light trying for a brighter future with nature as a guide.

Don't get me wrong, it's a long flight and there's going to be lonely low dark parts in the timeline but I find some comfort in knowing I'm going with my own flow on my own ride and no one elses cause then I'm not myself which is where all our pride should lie.

Not on material & wealth, but health, body and mind.
I didn't write this per-say. It's complicated. If you're curious, ask.
Written by
       Toreinss Pinwinkel III, Fah, ---, Brycical and Madds
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