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Feb 2022
Contingency - The Medic’s Mesmerism

Their fed up, they laugh that I am fed up
2AM in the morning, radio call alert
While I’m naked, lying in dirt or in some other disapproving fashion
How many times has this a happened?
The strikes to the face, cuts on the skin,
The assault of non registered injections.
The psyche’s medical degree after learning the curriculum
Over 20000 grand spent, and labelling with invented illnesses
Stuck in the middle, the human research subject,
Used as much as the 5 plus years qualified Dr
We have something common…….
Ridiculed, albeit not by the same group, but again, made fun of
I have no recollection of being outside, I have no clothes on
I didn’t see the person who punched me, but I must of opened the door
They cannot complete their orders,
The Medic’s Mesmerism
Has been going on so long now, this was not in the curriculum
Some might even say, training as a crime fighter, this is not in my handbook
But the patient ——— Oblivious, slowly catching up
Patient zero. Trapped! For now by the contingency — the medic’s mesmerism

15 Feb 2022
Raul M Murray
Raul M Murray
Written by
Raul M Murray  44/M/London
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