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Jan 8

a wave of time nears. futile it will become trying to stay ahead. yet choosing to rerun this losing race. convinced this time you will win.

boxes. bags. suitcases. some with old peeling duct tape lay piled about. bulging. ready to go.

as a chaotic scene unfolds. your heartbeats equal a cheetah’s seconds before it pounces.

trying to say your goodbyes to those that mean the most. you run.

making promises never to be fulfilled. running in circles. faster and faster until time is a blur.

some are never found. never seen. never held. never spoken to. never again.

mercifully time ends this manic quest. as a deadline passes not all words were spoken.

waking with a start you find yourself looking back from a ship. thinking to return. then reality firmly says no. you can not.

just as ropes are cast off. so has this home.

a time bond was broken forming a chasm.

a last look to that distance land. one already foreign. winds tangle uncombed hair. you turn away facing forward. pushed onward into an unknown future.

in that frenzied mess much was missed. forgotten. overlooked. tossed aside.

another short story ends. same as the last.

there was no time to think. only to frantically run. for years what transpired is recalled. causing screams. head shakes. gentle smiles. guilt and tears.

if visiting an outsider looking in will you forever be. no longer are you part of its loop of life. with nothing to claim. little connection. except once you lived here.

time gives opportunities to create lifelong bonds. discover true friendships. a bit remains behind. a bit travels on. reshaping your soul from these places lived.

yet a life bond never dies when your stories are retold. from these places you resided.

from our places lived
much joy and sorrow given
as they shape and form
©️ dt + b
D Thornhill
Written by
D Thornhill
   vb and Papaya
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