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  Jan 2022 Papaya
i inhabit in every woman.
steps i walk are taken together
tears i shed are wept in unison.
women are a cathedral altar
of and for the ones who came before,
and are to come after us.

i inhabit in every woman,
as does every woman inhabit in
overture to a greek tragedy
Papaya Jan 2022
three darts to the left
might have tried poisoned arrows instead
but it's about the pain not the death
and life, it's a wonderful mess
three strokes from dawn, now that's the true test
to dream, to rise
and do it all again
thank you, God
I feel so *******
Papaya Jan 2022

you can **** a demon  
  with a bullet to your head
or you can make him dance for you


so far i haven't found a cure
   for the sickness in my head
but i've found the path for entertaining it instead
Papaya Jan 2022

haven't watched the sun rise
      in quite some time
but i can remember its warmth when
the corners of your eyes curl up in a smile

it's such a beautiful thing
when you get to sleep in
with no where to go
but up

Papaya Jan 2022
everyone I love is dead or dying
so why am I still here
why am I still trying
   my daddy's near gone
and mama's always crying
everyone I love is dead or dying
but I'm still here
I'm still trying
Papaya Jan 2022
it all burns
  every saccharine melody i drink
from your lips to my ear
hot as paris in the summer rain
every sauter, plier and relever
with grace, i dance away
Papaya Jan 2022

she was a baby's breath 
        a    w  h  i  s  p  e  r                       
    that passed between hearts
  leaving gentle words                          
      that never formed a sentence
but left us dazzled                    
by her presence      

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