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Aug 2013
One summer's eve, with sleepy eyes, went I to draw a bath
When through the open window spied a light upon my path
The gleam was small and cold, and yellow-white as lightning
But due to familiarity an image much less frightening
As I approached the image seemed to grow
Still ran I, for said my mind, "This picture do I know."
The glimmer was more steady than I knew it should have been
Yet nothing else could glow like that, from nature nor from men
When closer still, the light looked blue, and then it turned to red
And as I came upon it, two spots shone instead
The final step was taken and the light became a band
But without hesitation, upon it closed my hand
With joy I looked, but shocked became, for lo I held a snake!
And with a fiendish grin, behold the serpent spake,
"You ought not to search for bugs until you are awake!"
Written by
   dawn sixx and Artemis
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