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Nov 2021
You know how people say you put up walls to protect yourself from heart break.
Well I like to call them shields and you have to find a way to hack it. It isn't all shields there are laser guns covering the most critical parts.
There are false passage ways to lead you to different shields and doors.
But there is a weak spot deep in the middle of all the obstacles just like the death star.
I don't know the weak spot and I don't know when you get to it bit at some point you can blow the shields and lasers and it will lead you straight down a passage.
The only thing is you have to get to me before I find the exscape pod.
The one thing that I know is that,
even if I do escape.
The person that come chasing after me or finds me back with my shields, lasers and neverending passages ways,
I may show you the weak spot.
If you blink you may miss it and have to start all over again.
If you see it,
I can only hope my next structure will be open
or will have one less wall and not one more.
Written by
Alece Woosley
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