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Aug 2013
The Queue for the E.R.

The queue for the mortuary just waits and waits!
Building up the static line,
Consisting  of you and yours and me and mine!
May be static but, the queue space decreases erratically, rapidly!
Off we go, we have a crash,
Resus' in full play,
Screens erected, so no-one can see, a person who's losing their life,
To join the deceased in potential debauchery, be in heaven or hell,
Unable to tell,
Time controls destiny...dreams forsaken... maybe,
While waiting in line....time dashes, flashes...initial first births, creep in like rashes!
Growing and spreading all red and infected,
The nurses work hard, seeing no-one's neglected,
So might you make it,....will you recover, to spend the rest of your life with family or lover,
Whether the spirit runs free pleasant and fresh...,
or whether it remains ensnared in it's mesh....between heaven and hell if you're not getting well,
it's a terrible place so they say......purgatory!
The vomiting chick all covered in sick...makes all around feel ill,
The ***** old drunk who smells like a skunk, not had a bath in a month,or more,
The sad person indeed, did not not have a clue if they really wanted to carry it through,were they down,
didn't care in their hospital gown!
the gnarled up old dear, in her eye there's a tear, she doesn't even know why she's here,
the kid with a cut won't get off his ****, full of rage, irate,
In A+E some lives becomes extinguished,
while others make it through.....thank goodness,
Well it is said the queue for E.R, is truly pure hell!
Copyright, Olivia Kent 22/03/2013.
Olivia Kent
Written by
Olivia Kent  Southampton, Hampshire.
(Southampton, Hampshire.)   
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