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Nov 2021
they met every week,
and sang the songs they knew by heart
they closed their doors, and shut out the world
at least, for an hour or two

they knew each other well,
considered them friends and even brothers
they may not have had anyone else
but they always had one another

they told each other secrets, but never their own
sure, they made mistakes, but they weren't like the others that lead lives of vanity
no, they were good

they sacrificed pleasure, and even their dreams
to appeal to a force more powerful than them
and if a brother was going astray,
they were quick to snap him back to the right path,
or to gently push him outside their doors

they were just
they always did what was right even if it was hard
for they believed in black and white,
right and wrong
they believed in fair punishment

if it meant shutting out their own son
they were more than willing to do it

they loved each other,
they tore each other apart.
sometimes the people that you are supposed to find comfort in are the ones that bring you the most pain.
Written by
Kaity  19/F/Milky Way
(19/F/Milky Way)   
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