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Oct 2021
Have no identity, this is the highest form of wisdom, not becoming.
Because becoming or being is a crystallization, and all types of labeling is connected to the ego.
So become not, die every moment, this is what theses so called “wise” people mean, to change, move, or you rot.
The moment you give yourself an identity is the moment you die, one has to become so egoless that you almost become invisible, unnoticed, because the ego is seeking visibility, form, become unnoticed and so you become part of everything else in existence. I’m sorry to say this but there is no focus point, life is peripheral, the idea of being special is wrong, you’re not special, there’s no standing out, everything in life is equal, you’re no different from an insect, an ant, a spec of dust or a grain of sand, or anything.
Written by
Kawa  31/M/Sweden
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