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Oct 2021
Persist I may
Till day after day
I need you forever
I won’t give up not ever
Never quitting
Words never quite fitting
I need to say it
I need you, bit by bit
I’ll win you over, you just wait
I will have you forever, we could skate
We could bike
We could travel the world on a hike
We could be a we
And not an I, see
I need a companion
Someone who won’t say goodbye,
My love is not for sale nobody could buy
It belongs to you and you alone
Forever captured by your beauty at a glance, I’ve known
This for a while, needing you is like walking
I know it well, I do it all the time, and talking
Is how I know
You are the right one for me, don’t cause me woe
I am not your enemy
I just want you forever, breathlessly
You seem too good for me
I don’t deserve you honestly
You are like a star
You can tower as far
As you could go, but never reach it
Never get it, bit by bit
You realize, it was never happening
But I hope that will not be the case with you and me, maddening
As I am, I hope you will see,
How much you mean to me…
Written by
The Pidgeon  13/M/Nowhere u need to know
(13/M/Nowhere u need to know)   
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