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The Pidgeon Dec 2021
Those Who Yearn to Learn

Those who yearn
Yearn to learn
How to be the image of justness
It is an injustice
To us outsiders and loners
We are many but we are few we are the owners
Of heartache and sadness
We are the bringers of all madness
Away from sanity away from hope
Around and around we go mope
Around and around, we go cry
The lost souls of the sky
So go far away for this is no good
Stay far away because of this you should…
The Pidgeon Nov 2021
You’re annoying and nagging, silent but true
How much I would like to live life without you
For all those years, no one knew
But deep down, you’ve always seemed familiar
Sometimes it’s hard, other times fun
But as of right now, I am done
When you are present
I feel a little different
All my friends are normal
And I am far from it
Sometimes it comes in waves
But let me just say, they do not go like the ocean
Other times it is slammed on me
And leaves in one two three
All those years we’ve spent together
I feel as though im a feather
Causing bad grades and more
All i wanted to do was go to the shore
All the bad grades get me grounded
Then all i feel is im surrounded
When i talk, people tell me to breath
But they don’t understand, i never can
I constantly feel like i'm under pressure
And i just want to enjoy the weather
All those times when i don’t pay attention
I truly try, and i look for affection
Some of those years, i fear all vanished
Away from sight, away from satisfaction
Most of the times, when i feel alone
It's those times, when i love my friends most
Some of the times, where I feel anxious
That my friends were distractious
I am thankful for my friends and family
Who helped me most through the hard times.
The Pidgeon Oct 2021
Your skin glows like the blossoms, beautiful as the daisy in the purest hope of spring.
My yearning heart rises to your flute voice and leaps like a gazelle at the whisper of your name, Julia.
The evening ascends in on a great dove wing.
I am calmed by your fitted gown that I carry into the twilight of starbeams and hold next to my eyes.
I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of honey.
As my eyes fall from your eyes, I am reminded of your smile.
In the hushed, I listen for the last splash of the spring.
My heated heart breathes inside my soul. I wait in the crystal moonlight for your secret appearance so that we may race as one, heart to heart, in search of the glorious blue sensual wings of love.
  Oct 2021 The Pidgeon
Dear self,
In losing you

Days seem blurry
Nights seem scary

Heart grows weary
Eyes turn teary

I lost the merry
I lost the power to write my story
  Oct 2021 The Pidgeon
Kassan Jahmal
Fires rest under skin;
Blessed a kiss of Sun

In the dark;
I am light. ..

Bright & gentle flower;
Hand-picked by God

                   In the dark;
                   I am life.

Sorrows, I've carried;
but only for a time

             In the dark;
             But still I survive

Pretty Orange,
my colour is-
Clean & well polished.

                               I flourish. ..
The Pidgeon Oct 2021
You amaze me
You bewitch me
You hold me with your gaze
I want you, I’ll try all of the ways
For you, I’ll go to hell and back
For you, I’d ****, hack
I’d even find a four leafed clover
All for you my darling
I need you, you are pulchritudinous
You are beautiful, luminous
You are priceless
A man would **** for you, without you I am lifeless
I need you
I want you…
The Pidgeon Oct 2021
Persist I may
Till day after day
I need you forever
I won’t give up not ever
Never quitting
Words never quite fitting
I need to say it
I need you, bit by bit
I’ll win you over, you just wait
I will have you forever, we could skate
We could bike
We could travel the world on a hike
We could be a we
And not an I, see
I need a companion
Someone who won’t say goodbye,
My love is not for sale nobody could buy
It belongs to you and you alone
Forever captured by your beauty at a glance, I’ve known
This for a while, needing you is like walking
I know it well, I do it all the time, and talking
Is how I know
You are the right one for me, don’t cause me woe
I am not your enemy
I just want you forever, breathlessly
You seem too good for me
I don’t deserve you honestly
You are like a star
You can tower as far
As you could go, but never reach it
Never get it, bit by bit
You realize, it was never happening
But I hope that will not be the case with you and me, maddening
As I am, I hope you will see,
How much you mean to me…
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