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Aug 2013
There's this feeling I get from time to time
where I miss you so so much.
I long for a hug, I long for your touch.
I long for nothing more than to see you smile,
to sit and admire the colour of your eyes.
To admire all you are and all you will be.
To be with someone who really loves me.

I hate when I cry and wish you were with me.
To hold me and tell me everything will be okay.
When you tell me in a message, it just isn't the same.
The longing is still there and so is the pain.
I hate when I am in need of a hug,
from you.
When I imagine the things we could do,
if only you were with me or if I was with you.

That feeling I get from time to time.
It hurts enough to make me cry.
And the longing will last until tomorrow.
And it turns all my pain into sorrow.

It's hard to explain and it has no name,
but this feeling, it drives me insane.
And it causes an unbearable amount of pain.
A longing is all, to be close to you.
I try to live with it but it's too hard to do.

It crushes me and kills my spirit inside.
All this because of a feeling I feel from time to time.
Michelle Nyamekye
Written by
Michelle Nyamekye  Canada
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