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Oct 2021
When describing the way
I love you
there are several approaches I could take.

I could use a long drawn-out cliché.
Expressing how my love for you is
boundless, limitless, and unconditional.

I could compare the two of us to iconic lovers.
Prophesizing that our love will go down in history with
Romeo & Juliet, Jack & Rose, or Lucy & Ricky.

I could conduct an ornate chain of events.
Demonstrating the immense love I have for you through a
Choreographed flash mob, a pile of gifts, or grand acts of service.

Why would I do any of this when
our love is completely unique
and is more complex than a simple three word phrase.

I cannot find anything comparable.
Our love is distinguished in
its origin, its demonstration, and its depth.

Trying to find a way to describe my love for you
I feel myself becoming quite
Lovey dovey & overly tender.

These are the feelings all people in love express.
What is so distinctive about us
you may be asking?

Our love is built on:
Gingerbread houses
Kitchen slow dancing
Matching pajamas sets
Three-dollar wine
Quarantine movie marathons
Mario Kart tournaments
Sunset walks
Cooking competition shows

This is the foundation of our love.
Our early, goofy memories
allowed us to bond incredibly close, incredibly fast.

I learned the obscure details about you.
The way your hair grows in a hurricane pattern
The way you sigh and succumb to the couch after a long day
The way the left corner of your mouth smiles before the right
The way you can’t sleep without noise in the background
The way you never fail to eat your salad after your main course
The way you step heavier in your heels rather than your toes
The way you can taste the difference between Frank’s Red Hot and the off brand
The way you spray your cologne only on special occasions

I hope that these reasons show you
how serious I am when I say
I love you more.

But not more than you love me, but
More than there are stars in the sky,
More than there are days in an eternity,
More than there are rays of sunshine,
More than there are craters on the moon,
More than there are grains of sand in the desert,
More than there are snowflakes in a blizzard.

My love for you is infinite.
I will never stop loving you,
Forever & Always.
Written by
flamingogirl  20/F
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