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Aug 29
My Bucket List (My Renewal)
29 August 2021

Time for review.
I find I can reprioritize as past,
Substitute, renew, those satisfied.
Continuing those most relevant.
Most of the past, largely complete, not yet finished, ongoing.
Is anything ever truly done?

Making a good living, getting an education.
Raising a family, being true to former commitments.
Promising less, attempting more.
Finding partners, friends in love and trust.

Reducing the burden, I am on others.
Being unconditionally thankful.

Inspiring myself with the beauty and miracle of life.
Ignoring my pain, forgiving my mistakes.
Accepting changes, losses, and failures of age.
Accepting all others as they struggle to be their own.

Becoming the man I admire, my Dad.
Striving for the impossible being possible.

Getting older can  strip away zeal for living. This is my remewal of myself.
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