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Jun 2021
my eyes drift across the tv screen.
walks during late afternoons and the sun is setting at the perfect time
their hands glued to their sides
awkward glances and how their fingertips rise and graze
my eyes drift across the tv screen.
into blurs of doors that shut closed
and the chase
and the numerous apologies and tear stains left on his hoodie as the comforting feeling of company returns once again
oh how i miss that feeling
it feels like a stranger to me now
a stranger that comes and goes
comes for small visits to bring me cherry pie and flaunt her ways
only to leave me craving more of this wretched company
my eyes drift across the tv screen.
flower bouquets on muddy doorsteps in the rain
their touch and the longing
how the longing feels like a close but distant friend
that appears and disappears and reappears as the clock continues to keep ticking into infinity
and everything is perfect
and everything seems like it’s meant to be
the cherry pie sticks to my throat
this feeling of longing and temporary love
not the things that lead up to real love all from meeting at a gas station on a tuesday
but this love that i watch and admire
the love i hold in my frail hands so dearly
growing up admiring her ways and being taught that this is that
this love that’s always there to make me feel nauseous but jealous at the same time
i crave for this temporary love.
but it will never come
atleast not how i expect it will and how it is through a screen
***** it.
im still so young and this shouldn’t be such a sudden dream for me.
the longing picks at my insides and tosses me around like an empty can on the sidewalk
this temporary love is all that i see right now
but soon it will grow to become more than that
atleast i hope so.
love, sunrise
Written by
sunrise  (they/them)
   --- and jade
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