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Aug 2013
Flickering flames,
Elemental spirit,
Beautiful yet untamed
I bask in the warmth of your light
Your motherly love generous and unrestrained
With every child like curiosity,
I am drawn near
Wild eyed and adventurous
In Uninhibited fear
I am choked by your toxic fumes
By your heat I'm consumed
To get too close, dare I?
I am hopelessly doomed
Yet with every flicker
Of your ****** dance
I am drawn into you through a hypnotic trance
We turn and we turn
We burn and we burn
Until out of control
Loves inferno unfolds
Like a raging wildfire
Hot passions spread
Consuming every fiber
Of human resistant thread
Until like two small dying
Embers of light
In each others arms
We reach a climactic height
Two flames weak and exhausted
Extinguished by the night
Flickering flame,
Elemental spirit,
Beautiful yet untamed
Fire is your name.
Christopher Dancy
Written by
Christopher Dancy  Maryland
     Lior Gavra and Sarah Mulqueen
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