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Aug 2013
I watched as your chest rose
And descend
In silent intervals

I drew closer to you
Our noses brushed,
And oh how my blood rushed.
Through the course of my veins they flowed
like a tsunami.

I remained motionless
My fingers laid gently upon your cheek
I began to trace the meticulously sculptured structure of jaws
Before I met your lips
Your lips
They were the Devil's prized piece
and God's miraculous work of utter flawlessness.

They were parted slightly
And my fingers found their way to the tip of your lower lip.
I looked on intently
As your lips quivered subtly with each paced breath that you took
How I battled the urge to press my lips against yours.

I looked on to your hair that rustled so delicately
with the passing journey of the wind
I gave myself the luxury of mildly stroking each piece off your forehead rigorously
And watching as how they folded back in compliance.

Your eyelids were laying perfectly on one another
Hiding away the jewels.
Jewels that shone so magnificently that nothing could be in comparison to its rare elegance
That it had to be sealed behind the locks of your eyelids.

Your slumber had made you peaceful and serene
And I could watch you as you were;
You were naked
And I could see all of you
No bars barred,
No walls built up.
You were bare,
Vulnerable and defenseless
Yet, that has made you even more majestic.

Written by
Kimberly  Singapore
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