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Apr 27
Can one wish
to become a Hindu deity?
Well, one can wish
that wish, and perhaps
in self-delusion,
come to feel
it has happened.
Or perhaps instead
of becoming a social worker
to help the poor and hopeless,
one chooses instead
to attend Columbia Law School
and then pick up a MBA
and go to work on Wall Street
where one can make billions,
no longer millions,
and live in Greenwich
in a grand home big enough
to house the homeless of Hackensack.
A private jet would be nice
to have to jet about the world,
eating at only 5-star restaurants,
sleeping only in beds
of luxurious hotels real estate agents
in Fargo can only dream about.
How about yearly attending
the meeting of the financially mighty
of the world in Davos?
Wouldn't that be swell?
Well, it depends on who you are
and where your heart lies
and if lies don't bother you.
An avatar you do not make.
Either you are one, or you're not.
Be your real self as soon as
you can to find out.

Written by
(77/M/Boulder, CO)   
   Imran Islam and TOD HOWARD HAWKS
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