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Apr 2021
with the     Title of the Dead    Title of the Deed willed
     to me
and brought to me   by  a    mooringandlanguid man-in-a-coat    deadeyed dead-ended dead ugly
    who    asked me whether I owned anything
though   looked
                                     surprise!    (d)
      whenever I told him: But dear
   I cannot      hold a Title if-if-ifff  I have never
         lived but    (no less  
nevertheless    and nonetheless
    Not Withstanding death) will die, too.

There is no straight line      + it is cute mythology that soothes no one with a Title  
       straight lines are    for geometrynotpeople
and    I will steward the
    no, will PILOT the
the Deed
          until it is done,
until it is                          unnamable.
ima eat the flack out of some miso innaminute
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