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Mar 2021
This girl is rare, This girl is one of a kind
This girl only has you on her mind
This girl is still under your care
Oh, but this girl is hurt
And has no more time to flirt

This girl’s already all alone
She’s no longer in your zone
This girl has already cried enough
But this girl’s heart’s too tough

This girl no longer owns you
This girl is no longer your priority
This girl’s decision is never made easy
This girl will never listen to your lies anymore
Cause this girl can’t hold it any longer
This girl still loves you so
But you see, this girl has to let you go

This girl no longer believes in you
This girl no longer misses you
This girl no longer trusts you
This girl is no longer coming back to you
This girl already gave you the freedom you deserve
This girl has a lot to observe

From your words of wisdom to lies
She can’t see it in your eyes
But she feels it inside her
You never deserve to keep her

This girl loves you more than you ever know
She’s just too shy to let it show
But she needs to love herself first
This girl already found you
But you let her go
She chose you for a reason
But this love is already not it’s season
But she needs to find herself first
This girl misses you like crazy
But she misses herself more every day
This girl gave time to you
But she needs to spare herself some time

This girl already forgave you
And hopes to forget what has been said and done
This girl  will still treat you as her only one
But she needs to give you the freedom you deserve
I hope one day we meet again
Where this pain no longer remained
I hope you find the happiness you deserve

One day, this girl will look at you
Like I no longer have feelings for you
One day, I will find time to see you
But I’m no longer coming back to you.
Written by
aynad030200  21/F/Philippines
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