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Mar 2021
As the stars dip tonight
and the dawn light casts upon the heavens

I stand on broken, bended knee
Asking for you

How many times have I denied
how many dreams slowly forgotten
in the laughter of sheets

I have walked the tired road
Many a poet followed

and I am at a loss for Word
my breath, ragged and empty

as the moon shines full
and the wind, pregnant with joy
flows graceful upon my shoulders

Those names aren't mine anymore
I gave them in love and they sail
seeds on the gales

For my days will be spent amongst the desert
in Christ
In Word

to speak and not be heard

To see empty skies and dried
To touch cold lips
and kiss
the dead as they rise

If I could be forgiven
For the angst against you

If I could be forgiven
of the sin of my heart

I would walk with the great men,
the wisest ones
the gifted of thorn.
Written by
Bryce  M/San Francisco, CA
(M/San Francisco, CA)   
   Jack B
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