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Jul 2013
I see rocks,
Not at the beach where sand becomes solace
And solace becomes soul
I see rocks,
Not in a forest where trees laugh at the depth of man;
Not in a jungle where lions are afraid of humans
Humans that see rocks
So do I
I see rocks,
When the night sleeps and my eyes are still wide open
To the thundered thoughts of rain on my parade,
That single lost love that sings;
That foolish feeling of appreciation
For a misguided princess
I see rocks,
Where thoughts of closure are far beyond
Farther than the distances between us
You're five minutes away by car
But between us
I see rocks
I see hills and mountains
And dull fingertips typing the lies we tell to comfort our obligations,
Those chores we have during the rendezvous of life.
I freeze,
When I sense the breeze,
Of her cold death approaching my so vivid mind;
I freeze,
When I feel the texts become more of carving lines, than of flowing letters;
I freeze,
When I fail to see that spark in your vision.

I guess your vision ends here
To perpetually allow mine to darken…
I see rocks,
I have no vision but I see rocks
I see bulks of human attitudes and snapping fingers;
Rolling eyes of misunderstandment;
Scratching noses backed up with false words.
Lying wasn’t enough
Lying under your falsehood wasn’t enough
I see rocks,
Whenever we don’t argue about our fights
I see rocks
Whenever we don’t fight so that we never argue
I see rocks
When the sun fades away
Disemerging from the clouds
The night falls upon my soulles self
And I see rocks
I see a rock of man
I see a rock of me
Carved by the solid tips of a chisel
Held by you
The biggest rock i see...
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
   ---, Selena Brianna, --- and Pure LOVE
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