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Feb 2021
the ice cubes of malevolence drop into me.
when they do, everything I feel is dark
there is never happiness or joy, just feelings of spite and anger
I scream into plastic and cry violently
almost throwing up
filled with emotion
with every ice cube, i become silent
and nothing matters
as it cools my body from the inside out
I feel chilled, I'm empty but I can feel myself filling with the feeling of uneasiness, and now I'm on the verge of a relapse but then
I get the steaming hot liquid being poured into me
and start to feel happy and loved and hot
what will win? will the ice chill the hot drink or will the ice melt away with all that is good?
before I can find out, the sudden temperature hits, and pressure makes my glass casing explode.
i burn everyone around me.
Written by
m  15/F/a place with flowers
(15/F/a place with flowers)   
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