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Jul 2013
Hey you,
yeah you,
you there,
you within reach,
you with a stare that resembles a trance.
and let me go from your glance.
It entraps me.
Hey you,
you there,
you with the beautiful eyes,
if you keep staring
don't be surprised
if I stare back
you have me entrapped.
Hey you,
yeah you,
you've got me,
now what will you do?
Hey you,
only you,
don't let me go,
from your glance
because once you do
I'll move from my stance.
Hey you,
of course,
I know you may wonder
about a man so fixed
but once you look down
i'll move from my place.
And become something new,
so I say "Hey".
****, did I embarrass you?
My apologies I was only finishing what you started.
James Tyler
Written by
James Tyler  Memphis
   --- and Amanda Goodness
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