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Jan 30
Walking eternal in the shadows of grace
Digging through photos to remember her face
You run for your life yet you stay in one place
We try to escape our purposeless fate
We left it too late, our demons have strayed
They jump out of our heart and into our head
They’re planning on staying they’re making theirs beds
They pull at my strings and push on my threads
Pressing these buttons till I’m seeing red
I called my therapist they called the Feds
I try to smile but a frown comes instead
I hide my eyes from the tear I have bled
I dreamed I lived but it was all in my head
You say it’s just worry and I say it is dread
You say it’s just quitting and I say it’s dead
Please don’t come closer this’ll end in regret
Like a rat when it’s cornered I’m gonna lash out
Like a fat man at Christmas I’m gonna pig out
I pray you’re not bothered when my secret comes out
I hope my true self won’t leave you in doubt
Written by
Nexus  25/M/UK
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