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Jan 28
They always said having a big heart was good
I beg to differ

It's terrible

Feelings happen faster
Pain hurts more
And dead love lasts longer

I am a hopeless romantic
And I am ashamed to admit it
While others admit they are too
They really don't understand

It's not longing love, it's obsessing over it
It's not feeling sad, it's feeling desperate

For someone who idealizes love above else, a hopeless romantic is willing to lower all their standards for a taste

Ask a friend if they have a type, a hopeless romantic won't
They've been alone for so long, that just the sight of love would be enough

And it's not something they can control, I fight it everyday
I have dreams of going to the stars
I have worries, homework, hobbies.
I have so many other things in my life

But yet every waking moment of my existence I think of it
It clouds every other motive in my life, lowering my ambitions and killing my happiness

Love is not what it used to be
It's a crutch
A disease
And I hate it

I hate it
Lunar Roses
Written by
Lunar Roses  16
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