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Jan 2021
As i wake up, and
The sun gets gently
To mi eyes, i become
Aware Of your
memorie, i blush and
Breath inspired

And the second minutes
awake, your scent comes
As an ocean Wave, Of Loved
By you memories, and

Mi nose become aware,
Of the feeling you provoque
And the loved perfume
Takes the beating heart,
To a new heigth, that never

Felt before, between the
Trust and your loved eyes, is
Your perfect stomach calling
To me, come and Kiss me,
your Body Said, and the loved
song, And the chosen Path

Trying awake in the Path,
Become AWAKEN, as i beastly
Make love to you, and this day Even feeling a litle scared Of this
Feeling Of love

As an iceberg, i pass threw,
life and games, pasión and
dasdein, loneliness and pain
To this loved by u state, i let
that go this afternoon, trying
With scientifc proofs,

I could live without your eyes,
To feelings that never where, and stories that i never live, but your eyes and the loved sensación are stronger than the artist pose, and the stoic Warrior state Of mind, So much for
This samurai at your feet.

Aware Of how dependent Of
You im becoming, i could let
It all go, but i cannot left you,
As a yunkie Of your eyes, and
adicted to you state Of mind

Never feel unsure Of mi love,
never felt this need Of somebudy,
Forever loving you state Of play, and The nigths with you become heaven, and  your'e  so BEAUTIFUL inside,
And (hot as friendly faces) that walk Next to me.

So just Be sure, your'e the loved one, That free and unatached to
Anything ir anybudy, i could only
if you choose it, let you go.

So fully AWAKEN  i'm,
becoming day by day,
As i LOVE YOU come and goes on our way, and On the terms we bouth choose, Nothing and no one execpt you, Could make me away from you,

And the blessed feellings you provoque, and the almost pain
i could almost feel, as your feet
Stumble to creeps, and i could almost let you go,  but the love and care
You awake in me, are a surprise,

As a loved man, or a chained
beast, i could usted to this, kind
Of dependance u make me feel,
The sensatión Of you Next to me.
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