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Dec 2020
I woke up knowing that I was not going to have a good day
But nothing, absolutely nothing could have prepared me
for what I was about to deal with next
The very unexpected news of your demise
I broke down right after
Every was off
Surreal even
The day dragged on
I might as well have been drugged too
Nothing was making sense
It was up to me to gather the facts
Of what was your last day om earth
Your final moments
I am not blaming anyone
We all have to go
One by one
We are all in line
Without the knowledge of who will go next
I understand that much
But nothing else is making sense
I am doing what I can
As quickly as I can
But I don’t fee like being alone with my thoughts
I cried and I thought I was done
But all I'm looking for now is a distraction
Or maybe 10
The news has spread
The prayers are pouring in
Your are finally one with the earth
But your loss will be felt for a very long time
I fear for my mom and her siblings
I fear for the family and children you have left behind
But I hope you are in a better place now
I already know you were a good man
Who had done so much for people
Those very far and those close to home
Who always found a reason to smile
Had the gift to make others laugh till their sides hurt
Till they got the hiccups
Who had faced many ups and downs
Lived by his means
But could always spare something for someone else in need
I will always remember you
As someone who loved me
As someone who helped raise me
As someone who made me laugh
As someone who was there to wipe away my tears
As someone who always had something nice to say
Even when I ******* up
As someone who did not hesitate to speak on my behalf on the days it seemed like the whole world was against me
As someone who always thought of me and wished me well
As someone who always kept me in his prayers
These words cannot fully express how much I will miss you
How deeply your loss will be felt
But I hope you are happy now
May your soul finally rest in peace
Ana Habib
Written by
Ana Habib  28/F/Montreal, Qc
(28/F/Montreal, Qc)   
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