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Jun 2010
If one were to look through their very own eyes,
is what they are seeing a complete disguise?
Would they notice the trees, insects and skies?
or the make-up, screens, and lies?

If one has the power to look to the front, side, or behind,
that same person, could very well be blind.
Most do not notice the simplest acts of crime,
such as living ungrateful or wasting their precious time.
And if one does not create the happiness that they seek,
to that person the future will indefinitely seem bleak.

When one questions their reflection,
they may lose their pride,
but pride may easily wander, if not kept inside.
And if one forgets the very place on which they stand,
their life then shall be molded by a strangers hand.
Jonathan Steele
Written by
Jonathan Steele
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