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Jonathan Steele Jun 2011
I will be,
your foundation,
for when you feel as if the storm is too rough.

I will be,
your heart,
when yours feels as if it's had enough.

I will be,
your eyes,
for when yours are clouded with tears.

I will be,
your strength,
for when you are overwhelmed with fears.
Jonathan Steele Jun 2011
I want you to go now,
I think you should leave,
Too much time has been wasted,
On the things you make me believe.

These thoughts are overwhelming,
This pain I cannot bear,
Confused and worried sick,
About things that were never there.

I understand truth,
And I can decipher lies,
Still these pointless battles,
Bring  tears to my clouded eyes.

Love is often heavy,
When so much is based on trust,
But doubt it is corrosive,
And It will cause your heart to rust.

No longer are you welcome,
For you have meddled far too long.
I was once convinced you were right,
But now I can see that you are wrong.

You are a slow and deadly poison,
Coursing through human veins,
Innocent souls are tortured,
Until evil is all that remains.

May the Lord bless and protect me,
And deliver me from your curse,
As I shall pray for others,
In hopes that your corruption may not disperse.
Jonathan Steele May 2011
Thy face is often veiled and dark.
Traveling unseen through terrain that creatures dare not lurk.

You hide where none seem to think,
and move with every swift blink.

Many men refuse to lay eyes upon your gift,
for most will feel it is but blasphemy that you are able to exist.

Within the deepest confines of thy living soul,
it is but an abundant treasure that ye graciously hold.
Treasure that no man has ever bought, traded, nor sold.

A moment living, nuzzled, warm in your embrace;
body is lost, and nothing remains but truth, harmony and grace.

Carried by will, wind, and word,
to forget or ignore thee is utterly absurd.
For a wise man proves the knowledge in which they have heard.
Jonathan Steele May 2011
Although your existence is strange.
Your persistence will never change.
Staying constant as the world continues to rearrange.

Balancing across a thin plank.
Above you a picture of color.
Below a canvas blank.
Undecided whether to oppose or thank.

If I had the cure, I'd stop the lies,
and dry your sweet innocent eyes.
But locked away my sadness hides.

Sunken in this sea of tears.
Burning away my soul, it sears.
But you seem to extinguish the flames,
with the silly way we speak each other’s names.

From our window, I see you watch the world turn.
It's strife and chaos, none of your concern.
May your heart continue to stay the same,
no matter your days, age, or what you learn.

When things are unclear, and you are unable to see.
Just simply say my name, and take a walk with me.

Spending my time pondering your curious wonder.
Invisibly working hard to fix my blunder.
And dreading the day that we must sunder.

As your mind is learning and travelling along,
know that nothing you do is ever wrong.
For it is these mistakes that will make you strong.

Restless nights for an eager soul,
At times it may seem that life moves too slow.
But remember such as the flower,
Beautiful things take time to grow.
Please never forget how much your big brother loves you so.

And when light is darkness, and darkness is light,
things are cold, out of grasp and sight.
I'll be your sun, and shed you light.
Because my sister it is my utmost pleasure,
to watch you shine bright.
Jonathan Steele May 2011
Loving eyes fulfill me,
A mind overrun by thoughts of things we are and will be.

Gazing far into the distance,
We are able to see so clear.
Love is often frightening,
But together we have no fear.
Never guessing our love could have flown so free,
Carrying on without end through any struggle or degree.

There was a time when my soul lay frozen, and blue.
Then I unlocked it's heart and gave the key to you,
it did not take a second upon holding it,
that you were able to completely renew.

Of all the love we feel we both retain.
We must understand that this is something only a lifetime of loving one another could explain.

My dear,
you are my treasure,
and this love for you knows no measure.
Caring for your soul will always be my greatest pleasure.
Jonathan Steele May 2011
The gentle loving touch of thy soul as our eyes meet,
A feeling strong enough to knock this simple man off of his feet.

My dear, luck is a word for those who gamble,
and it is luck alone that holds the power to create many a shamble.
To walk through life, thinking what we share is luck,
that, I could not handle.
For it is a blessing and a blessing alone,
that the lord has created you for my very own.

At times it is easy for this world to dim the light in my eyes,
still, you have a special way of showing me that it is only but a disguise,
and to remember the beauty in all things,
from the green grass, to the never-ending blue skies.

When feelings of happiness are misplaced, dormant, or askew,
there is no one I would rather journey with to rediscover them, but you.

In a place where all that glitters may seem to be gold,
You and I together break that very mould.
For all that glitters to our eyes,
is a life with one another,
forever, to have and to hold.

As our bodies meet, and become one,
You warmth bestows an overwhelming calmness upon me,
as a mid-summer's sun.

When I wrap my arms ever so gently around you,
Hold me close, no matter how strong the wind may blow.
For this love shall stay afloat no matter how rough the current flows.
My dear you are but an angel in plain clothes.
Jonathan Steele May 2011
As I think about what is important to me most,
I want to kiss you, and hold you close.
Love is a feeling that never sleeps.
I feel this first hand as my heart softly weeps,
releasing this tender sadness it keeps.
I sit and watch this river softly flow,
as drops of magic glisten and glow.
Shining bright until they stop,
they bring me back to our unforgettable walk.
Filled with moments of bliss, sadness, and fear,
It almost feels as if you were here.
I listen close to her gentle voice,
but I'd much rather yours if I had the choice.
Her beauty is something that cannot be explained,
but for you my darling, I would most certainly trade.
Happiness is simple to find, when you are near, or on my mind.
Even when war is happening outside, within you I am able to hide.
However far you may be, your love is easy to see.
I feel your soul,
as it lets me know,
I am no longer alone.
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