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Nov 2020
Pain is considered an enemy
One we should all avoid
( Physical, mental or emotional ).
Yet in doing so you call for man to avoid pain by walking towards its opposite . Pleasure .
A generation founded on pleasure will often reflect shallowness and little to no self control  .
Why then is pain an enemy ?
Perhaps it seems that pain is the precursor to knowledge.  For in everything, we learn most through pain . Even the seed screams as it bursts open .
The muscle grows only after tearing .
The mind expands only after the destruction of old misconceptions.
Perhaps it is not pain that is the enemy .
But knowledge.  
To create a society of ignorance .
It takes pain to see passed this ignorance.  So the question becomes . What is pain to you ?
An enemy .
Or respected opportunity.
Holding meaning as apposed to loss.
Strength as apposed to weakness.
And compassion as apposed to fear.
How can you know that pain is the path to betterment if you avoid the path of pain in its entirety .
Choose your paths not by what you are told  .
But by what is right and gives to you
(beneficial) .
Written by
Abraar  22/M
     Seth Seaman and nish
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