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Oct 2020
For some months, my biggest worry was that writers block was going to engulf me.
Which ironically it did. And no one really understands how trough writers block is.
Because all you want to do is express yourself but you can't.
It's frustrating.

Spending all my nights waiting for inspiration to call me.
It being the only thing I want before I fall asleep.
It's daunting.
It's as haunting as all the demons that wrap themselves around me at night.
Telling me I'm no good, I'm no writer.
But you still fight, you disregard all those negatives.
Because I'm a poet, its my prerogative
Poetry is my one sedative.
Surly I should be able to write.

So here I am, listening to a song that brings a smile to my face
and all I can picture is you.
All I can feel is how you make my heart race.
It's wild but its as if you're a stronger safe space compared to what poetry used to be.
And oddly enough that eases my mindset,
It's as if my writer's block has been sent free.

"You're the only one I want by my side when I fall asleep"
Not necessarily to write about the many million things going on in my life.
I have you for that... well not only that.
But I have you who hears me louder than poetry.
I have you to listen and not criticise or overthink my words.
I have you to listen and understand what I'm solely trying to say.

"Tell me what I'm waiting for Tell me what I'm waiting for I know it's hard, but we need each other, Know it's hard, but we need each other"

Whenever I have inspiration, I tend to get excited.
And naturally knowing my flow, I grab what's here and there.
But take it easy with me.
I have all the words and I have to use them.
No matter how jumbled it is.
I just have to.

Spending all my nights thinking about you,
You're the only one I want by my side whenever anything happens
Waiting for that one moment, I can fully show the world that I am yours.

Spending all my nights waiting for you to call me.
Spending all my nights reminiscing to every good and bad moment
Concluding that I want you to know that, Imma be there for you.
You're the only one I want by my side when I fall asleep and when I wake up.

You're the coffee that I need in the morning.
Through drought and famine, natural disasters, my baby you have been around for me.

Everytime you hold my hand I feel it.
Who would have thought I'd meet you.
Who would have thought I'd get to be embraced with a love so strong and beautiful.
It's only you and I.
Everything I need, is all that you are.

You're all that I need.
Not poetry.
Who would have thought I'd find you.
Who would have thought I'd fall this hard?
And I'll take my time to really uncover the poetry that you are.
The real poetry I have been needing in my life.
Not the one that appeases others.
Not one that seeks for criticism or plays false pretence.

Just pure poetry that portrays the strongest form of love ever.

You don't know do you?
That when you hold me
And when you kiss me
It's the sweetest thing.
And it don't change it only grows.

I just want you to see how beautiful you are.
Wherever you go, I'll follow.

You feel like all seasons combined to one.
I don't even know how to put it,
You're the sunshine to my life.
The warmth that protects me from the cold.
The coolness that protects me from the harsh sun.
The warm Autumn breeze that brushes my face,
The spring that brings everything to life.

I've been waiting my whole life, to find
Someone like you.

How far we go always seems to get better with time.
I'm yours, girl.
Realeboga M
Written by
Realeboga M  Can I even say I am here?
(Can I even say I am here?)   
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