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Jul 2013
loneliness is the strongest emotion
its the one tat draws me to take my life in a single swift motion
as in a slash on the wrist with a rusty razor blade
wishing that for once all my pain would fade
but it won't... it never will.. all I want is to die altogether
everything so ****** up I want to end it forever
I wish that I could've been that happy little ****
but that **** doesn't work with me, it'd take two thousand times my luck.
plus a new mind, cuz I'm ****** up enough as it is right now
I don't even know why ive survived at all, let alone how.
I'm an emo. that's all there is to it. you'll label me and brand me
but that's just ******* fine with me, cuz at least my death will end up on TV.
Quiltel The NightFury
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