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Sep 27
In light of the mistakes we've made,
there is free knowledge gained.
From this point on nothing will remain the same.
We're at the brink of no return.
So what are we to do, lie around & wallow?

No way, because we aren't meant to follow.
Keeping our heads held high to the sky,
never looking back eyes always forward.
We've already witnessed what He did to ***** & Gomorrah.
Assuming you're one of the many who don't know the story behind these two.
I strongly suggest that you pick-up your nearest Bible.

Once the book is opened,
He has already implanted you with seed for daily survival.
Having nothing to do with which Bible version you choose to read.
Alluring poetry at it's best, one of God's greatest masterpiece.
A handy guide for the worldly lies they've sold to us since we've been born.
True satisfaction can't initiate through ***, drugs, money, or ****.
You'll always be yearning for more & more.

Being the Kings & Queens of our own lives is a doomed destiny from the start.
What will it take for you to swallow your pride & open your heart?
I fell out of love with the world & fallen irrevocably in love with the man above.

Will you join me on this bestowed journey for eternity that He calls Heaven?
Or will you refuse it, turning into everyone else neglecting His existence?
You choose, however just know you've already been chosen...
Deep Thought
Written by
Deep Thought  28/F/PNW
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