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Sep 18
Haunted by the past
How long does it last?
The spell that you cast
Make my heart beat fast...

Living with my illusion
Always in confusion
Hear my confession
And draw your conclusion...

But how can I ask
If your wearing a mask
Escape from the cask
Can I finish my task?

You can feed my obsession
But not my delusion
You can change my vision
And leave me with tension...

My innocence you bust
With your burning lust
You stain me with your rust
But still I trust...

Sing me a song of my sanity
But sorrows are many
Making my heart lonely
I know it is my destiny...

After all the test
Laugh at my last jest
Then build me a nest
Where I could rest...

Now my heart beat cold
I bid farewell to the world
But keep my story untold
When my life is fold.

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Virgel T Zantua
Written by
Virgel T Zantua
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