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Virgel T Zantua Sep 2020
Haunted by the past
How long does it last?
The spell that you cast
Make my heart beat fast...

Living with my illusion
Always in confusion
Hear my confession
And draw your conclusion...

But how can I ask
If your wearing a mask
Escape from the cask
Can I finish my task?

You can feed my obsession
But not my delusion
You can change my vision
And leave me with tension...

My innocence you bust
With your burning lust
You stain me with your rust
But still I trust...

Sing me a song of my sanity
But sorrows are many
Making my heart lonely
I know it is my destiny...

After all the test
Laugh at my last jest
Then build me a nest
Where I could rest...

Now my heart beat cold
I bid farewell to the world
But keep my story untold
When my life is fold.

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Virgel T Zantua Sep 2020
Between my imagination and reality...
I am not hallucinating in whatever I hear and see.
My instinct pointing them out to see...
The manifestation of dream in my reality.
Virgel T Zantua Sep 2020
Life is not always what we wanted, sometimes we have to take the risk to make it granted...

Doing what is right or wrong will be rewarded, we reap what we have been planted.
Virgel T Zantua Aug 2020
Will you believe when I cry
If my eyes have no tears and dry
Do you know how hard I try
Of all the things I do but fly

If all the words I say will not rhyme
Will you be there and give your time
To listen in every sentence and line
Will all the things go smooth and fine

And when the flame is burning low
Would you be my star that glow
In the darkness of the night will show
The brightness of vision that fall like snow
Or perhaps you will remember the day
Of dreams and happiness that fly away
In the wind of sadness you will stay
Not in a memory of yesterday

Somehow I will keep my heart in dreaming
That you are here in my arms and singing
To the tune that will keep me in believing
Until my time has come and I am leaving.
Virgel T Zantua Aug 2020
Night is a god
Day's bounty
In a single stoke
Of life immortal's hand
Whispering stories untold
To every ear that partakes
Of its fresh awakening

Once screams of horror bind
Drawn upon by darkness luminous rage
Night leaves us wanting more
Never complacent
In all its mystic splendor
Twilight never bids farewell
It comes back with more promise

Of babies unborn
Of secrets revealed
Of faces unmasked
Of night trying to unveil itself
To souls who needs revelation
Vowing neither certainty nor reason
In what it bares.
Adaptation/Published in Philippine Star
Virgel T Zantua Aug 2020
A moment we share
Of love and care
A secret we bare
Of time we dare

A feelings we hold
When we are bold
A love that we mold
When the heart is cold

A trust we bear
There's nothing to fear
Love is our gear
When we're far or near

We are destined to be
When we pray to Thee
A feeling so free
Forever you and me.
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