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Sep 2020
another night
another demon surfacing to wreak havoc upon his tormented mind
scouring every inch of that barren hellscape
every night a new attempt to break him beyond repair

but each morning he wakes
draws on his smile with permanent marker
blinding the outside world to his own selfish realm of perdition
because he knows, as soon as the words flow off the tip off his tongue, he begins to burden another.

instead he never realized
even permanent marker fades eventually,
and in that instant his walls broke
collapsing, the silence of his room his only solace
his cries for help drowned out with the monotonous ringing inside his own mind

his cries awakening the fiends once more
the agonized screams, a rapture to the iniquitous occupants
with squeals of delight they rush forward
sensing their assured victory, pushing with all their might

overcome with the onslaught breaking down all resolve left inside him
the burning inside his throat the only thing he can feel
looking at his hands, still clutching the bottle

rage building in his veins he slams it to the the wall
the shattering mirroring the walls inside his mind

with one final attempt, the evil cacophony,
words from years of torment

eyes blinded by rage and hatred
coursing through his body
every flaw coming to light.
no counter for the truth brought to the forefront of his ravaged mind
tears streaming down his face, the boy with no strength left
and as suddenly as the hordes of darkness assaulted

they vanished

left in silence

his ragged breaths the only sound left

interrupted by droplets
looking down in terror he sees the aftermath

shards of glass cover the floor, creating constellations of shimmering light

all stained a Crimson hue

with one final look down he sees opened veins, blood pouring to the floor
a comforting cold rushing his body

he falls

the final piece of the puzzle, the last shard of glass
falling in line, finishing the riddle he's faced for years
as his vision fades, he sees his true purpose in this life

was death.
Bradyn McCall
Written by
Bradyn McCall  21/M/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(21/M/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)   
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