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Sep 2020
BRON  in a disfunctional American setting with rotten roots of an destroyed family with dead values mistaking lies for love....

she's on the go ,beautiful as a rose, but soonly changed
life from man to man serching for the father she never had
relying on the hardedn streets to deal her a better hand with clouded thoughts with desires for fancy things has a baby as a teen
cycle repeats it self once again.
alone the way soft peddles begain to ruffle bleed from her own throns she continue to ****** deeper ,traped  in the same ghetto as a rose refused to give up give in nither let go knowing if she stops now there's no sunshine and the soil that provides her roots will dry so she motivate her self everytime she hears her baby crys determine to survive while looking into a mirror now ,realize it's her Daugther eyes and see the same rose of the ghetto....
wrote for all woman that can understand the life of growing up in the hood as a single mom
incarcerated minded man
Written by
incarcerated minded man  43/M/dallas tx
(43/M/dallas tx)   
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