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Sep 2020
Remember when they showed remorse.
An ounce of humanity peaked through,
Like a light from around a dark bend.
Unexpected, but craved.

Or how they supported you
When you needed it most,
Without any reimbursement
Or a second thought

Especially when they fulfilled every promise,
As your heart turned six sizes
Their ego shrank times ten
And your life felt complete beyond fathom.  

Do you remember?
Can you remember?
Do you want to remember?

Even though your whole life is a farce.
A screen being your only view.
A text is the only thing you comprehend.
Expected, yet I still cannot fathom.

For every sleepless night you loose,
Feeling like a living ghost.
Just know, everything comes to an end.
No matter how you were taught

Remember all the sacrifices everyone performed.
And all the closure you received from everything that died.
All the relationships you didn’t have to pretend.
The gratifying look on their face as you proudly call them, Father and Mother.

It’s alright, Me Neither...
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