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Aug 29
Opening my eyes to greet a new day isn’t hard anymore.
The sunlight that trickles through the curtains doesn’t burn now.
Rolling over to get out of bed isn’t impossible.
Taking a shower isn’t a debate of whether it’s worth the pain or not.
Getting dressed isn’t just throwing on something without caring about how I look.
Eating isn’t something that I avoid and lie about doing.
Leaving home doesn’t flood me with worry and fear.

Now I greet the sun like an old friend,
I love showers again,
Now I put in the effort into how I look,
I’m falling in love with food again,
And best of all,
I’m excited to leave home and go on adventures.

All because of you, mi amor.
You truly saved me when I was at my lowest.
Smirks and small glances gave me the strength to start trying again.
Encouragement is endless with you
And you support me unconditionally.

This is new to both of us.
Loving unconditionally
Who knew it could feel so good
Angelique Paolucci
Written by
Angelique Paolucci  25/F
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