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Jun 2010
When life becomes agonizing
When time is filled with pain and reliving pain
Remember today..this day
Remember to eat peppermints to stop the sirens of trouble and slow your racing heart
Remember the gentle sound of birds singing on a summer afternoon
Remember how much you love milkshakes
And how you were feeling ok when you wrote this
Remember you are really a good person
Remember you are learning life just like everyone else
Remember how great it feels to finish something
To take a deep breath every now and then
Remember how much you love a cool shower
And how natural your body feels when clean
Remember to take an interest in others and how they are
We all have a cross to bare
Remember good things do happen

and remember no one is perfect

Remember when life becomes agonizing
You cannot force anyone to love you
And you cannot be forced to love yourself
You decided that
Being a survivor wasn’t what you SHOULD, or HAVE to do
You decided that
It’s what you WANT to be

Remember you WANT to live

From A Survivor
Written by
Colleen Ranney
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