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Colleen Ranney Jun 2010
When I began
I took a leap not a step
I left not only my footprints behind
instead I emptied the entire contents of my soul.

and how many people venture on
marching to the beat of their own drum
to the rhythm of starting over.

Why wait another second
This is the perfect time to

advocate for people with dreams

give possibilities to the impossible

Live you dream in leaps ♥ Life is too short for baby steps and we do not determine the time remaining ♥
Colleen Ranney Jun 2010
You will never age to me
Nor will our love I waste
If loneliness thy walls should be
my soul does yearn to haste

For by thy chest my comfort heaves
My life be air you breathe
And wither shadows of the gone
Let heartache softly leave

To rest my dear , by loving heart
And swim in memories deep
I shall hear your whispering plea
Inside your dreaming sleep

I will arrive by hidden hands
And cradle every hour with grace
Forever share thy empty room
To fill Joy in every space

I’m with you love, dearest of all
Though time may seem too slow
For love can bare canyons divide
Beside forever while ages go

(inspirational quote)
Above all the words I love you most of all
Colleen Ranney Jun 2010
When life becomes agonizing
When time is filled with pain and reliving pain
Remember today..this day
Remember to eat peppermints to stop the sirens of trouble and slow your racing heart
Remember the gentle sound of birds singing on a summer afternoon
Remember how much you love milkshakes
And how you were feeling ok when you wrote this
Remember you are really a good person
Remember you are learning life just like everyone else
Remember how great it feels to finish something
To take a deep breath every now and then
Remember how much you love a cool shower
And how natural your body feels when clean
Remember to take an interest in others and how they are
We all have a cross to bare
Remember good things do happen

and remember no one is perfect

Remember when life becomes agonizing
You cannot force anyone to love you
And you cannot be forced to love yourself
You decided that
Being a survivor wasn’t what you SHOULD, or HAVE to do
You decided that
It’s what you WANT to be

Remember you WANT to live

From A Survivor
Colleen Ranney Jun 2010
As we inhale into self
We exhale out to mankind

What would the diaries of my heart want for anyone to know
Greater than self perseverance
This would be simply that

One cannot drink from a cup without receiving
And this is the lesson we learn
They are poured within us
Or around us

Each enchanted place within, must breath into its own surprise
What man could live on an island buried under the sea?

There is nothing more powerful than the Experience in finding oneself

No not the mirrored deception of what we wish we were
But who we are

In this I will find great joy when evil surrounds me
For it is true

What lives within me is a great love
this is where I find heaven
and every being of love
Colleen Ranney Jun 2010
You understand
You have uncovered inside me a heart that can shout for joy
I can lift my heart to your handed gifts
You are the strong line that fastens me
In commotion you are the million pieces of my relief

I’ve cried so often
On my knees I have screamed
In the crumbling of my life
God have mercy of this broken woman I am
Sensations of sorrow pour over me
I am forever thin-skinned
Fighting my own purpose
I am frightened of the human race
But here I am vulnerable
I have set the hundred masks free from their prison of my needing

No more acting
My eyes, and soul are bared naked before you
I need for nothing more than our embrace
You are more than a wish that happened

You broke free from what others held you by
You help me find answers
to questions that make me so angry sometimes

There has never been a yesterday I have left behind,
where I did not love the idea of the morning sun
It doesn’t matter anymore
Another day with you
Is just right
Even if we did everything the same
all over again

I love you
Colleen Ranney Jun 2010
The branch of learning
On this tree we call life is short or long
Arent we all at least once in our lifetime
A soldier of our own personal struggle

Returned home with leaves of green
We display our triumphs
To find we are relocated
In this courtroom
Of prompt condemnation
And served copied advice

Like a fish out of water
We seek the sea of our own redemption
But we were hooked
By those who knew better than us about our evolution
Better than us about our mistakes
Better than us about what we misplaced
Better than us about what we could have produced
Or should have produced
Or given
Or receieved.

The truth is not hard to see
It’s only hard to stand for
Love is the answer written inside the hearts of man
But who can look within anyones world and judge it

We each have many worlds inside
We each are unique inside
We can only see our own
Injured, abused, forgotten, betrayed
Ignored, accused, judge without delay

Trying,believing,hoping and strong
Stuck in a world where we’re always wrong
Or never wrong
And going to say it

The branch of learning
On this tree we call life is short or long
I live by my own advice
And care for the fruits of any goodness

Love is not what we chose it to be
Love has its own definition

Hurt is not what we choose it to be
Hurt has its own definition

Perfection is not what we choose it to be
Perfection has its own definition

Friendship is not what we choose it to be
Friendship has its own definition

Inside each of us is an unknown territory to the world outside us
I do not know my way around the world inside you
I only know my own
And in my own world
The tree is LIFE
all that is not life eventually withers away

(inspirational quote)
Life is about living, inside our own smile, above our own limits, around our own obstacles, outside our own prison before our own judgement
Colleen Ranney Jun 2010
I Will Believe

I will believe in you
until the time will appear
Where you can see
your courage draw near.
I will kiss you silently
although you cannot feel,
I’ll pour oil upon your wounds
until you can heal.
I’ll hold each broken dream
that’s shattered and destroyed.
I’ll whisper you re so beautiful;
I’ll be overjoyed
I’ll let you rest your head in the shelter of my arm
and protect your splendor; Safely from all harm.
I’ll bend knee in the shadows that you hide from sight.
I’ll believe in you until the shadows turn to light.

(inspirational quote)

Heaven is a place where people FEEL LOVED
You deserve to Feel Loved

If you give LOVE to the world, you have given the BEST!! of the World to another
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